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If you aren't Mobile Marketing correctly you will soon become irrelevant.

Say Hello to the Experience Economy

You can no longer afford to ignore the trends.
The World has gone to GeoTargeted Location Based Marketing.
You either get onboard or be left behind and become irrelevant.

Our Suite of Tools is about One Thing...
Marketing Smarter

We will show you how to Get and Keep More customers, and we'll do it more effectively and inexpensively than Anything You can do. 


We also give you one more FREE Tool...
The Evolution of Apps, a Smarter App Builder.

New Google Systems have made the Webmaster Obsolete. These tools are Open Source and Free meaning You are Now in complete control.
AppVOLV is a FREE Program and it changes the game.
Heard about Progressive Web Apps?
(You are looking at a Free PWA now.)
How about Googles new AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages?
(The link to What Customers See and this one are Google's AMP.)

If you haven't seen this, click on the Emblem Now.


Watch your Customers.
What are they doing?

Engaging Somebody on their Smart Phone, Not You.

We can work with you in several ways to help Engage your Customer Base.

Consider a Critical Point.

Your business needs to revolve around your customers, what they want, how they want it and when.
Stay with those principles and you succeed.
Deviate and you Fail. It's that simple.

Very soon 1,000's of Utah Consumers will have their Apps.

Why will they be downloading?  Click Here or on the Graphic just below.
This graphic will soon be in 1,000's of locations throughout the area.

Once they download, do you want them engaging You or your Competitor?  It's Your Choice.


Why it Just Makes Sense

The Free App WILL bring new Prospects and Customers in the Door.

You then have a choice.
you can remain Free, OR you can Engage them and turn them into Repeat Customers with our tools.

Here is one, Beacon Technology.

Let's Talk

We help in Many Ways.

We still haven't shown you everything we can do.
We hope now you are beginning to understand why for many businesses, we are the Go Go source for all their marketing needs.
Why? Nobody can do it better.

And the best part, a lot of what you have seen is either FREE or something you can do on your own.

If you want us to do everything and essentially take over your marketing, Everything is overseen by Dr. Mayer, Ph.D., Marketing/Sales.

And if you want a hybrid where we do some and you do some, not a problem.

It's important to remember that we Don't have Any Contracts.
Our relationahip is only as good as the service we supply and if at any time you feel it's not enough, no problem.


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N. Ogden, UT 84414 

Phone: (801) 913-5566 
Toll Free: (800) 913-5566